The Authentic Simple Life

Discover life as it’s meant to be. Experience the forgotten carefree ways of island living in Belitung. Stress-free surroundings, vast unspoiled beaches, friendly villagers, authentic eats and the most fragrant coffee to awaken your senses, Belitung has it all for that much needed getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life. Live the authentic simple life in this rustic island!

Belitung is an idyllic Indonesian island on the east coast of Sumatra. This hidden gem is covered with pristine white sand beaches and vast turquoise sea. A getaway destination that time forgot, the slow paced and simple life is an experience that will reawaken your senses!

3D2N Belitung Island Tour

Get acquainted with the simple ways of island living on a 3 days 2 nights tour of Belitung. Dig your toes into fine beach sand and explore the wondrous natural rock formations that outline the shoes and the many tiny islands around Belitung! Savour aromatic coffee and other authentic local cuisines in unassuming traditional coffee shops! Soak in and unwind to the quaint slow paced culture of village life in Belitung!

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Tailored Travel

Belitung also offers a plethora of activities to appeal to the adventurer in you! The crystal clear waters around Belitung is home to a treasure trove of game fish species such as the Giant Trevally! Part of the ancient Chinese sea trade route, the sea bed around Belitung is home to many shipwrecks, offering rare diving opportunities!

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